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5 year old Haru made a touching statement to Tablo again

  • Tablo: Haru, want to eat this?
  • Haru: No. I'm going to give it to mom.
  • Tablo: You're going to save it for mom?
  • Haru: Yes.
  • Tablo: You're so nice. Look at me. Where did you learn to be so nice?
  • Haru: From you, dad.


CNU: I grow cucumbers and tomatoes in the dorm~
Ryeowook: Wow then it’s totally organic~
CNU: Actually I want to say something since I’m here… or should I not say it?
Ryeowook: What is it what is it? Is it something about using pesticides?
CNU: One of my plants died… I’d grown it for…

44 years old? Then B1A4 will probably be the oldest group. At night I think I would be having steak in a restaurant with my wife. I feel like when I pass 40, fans will let me get married? (laughs)

Jinyoung’s reply to “Q: What will you be doing 20 years later?” 

[source: B1A4_StoryBook_Whisper ; eng trans: @B1A4_UK

(via b1a4wa-hamkke)